For Dog Parents Confused About How to Best Care For Their Canine BFF:

Want to Make Healthier Choices For Your Dog, So They Live a Longer, Happier Life?

  • Easy steps to take to improve their diet
  • The #1 secret to boost your dog's immune system
  • How to make informed decisions regarding vaccines and antibiotics

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Dr Josie Beug is a licensed veterinarian who specializes in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine among other healing modalities. She has been practicing in South Florida for 20 years, and is a teaching assistant at The Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine. She is a life-long student of the healing arts, from herbs to oils to energy to stones, integrating ancient knowledge with modern medicine to help her patients live longer healthier happier lives. 

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AVMA, AHVMA and American Assoc. of TCVM

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“The only reason Camouflage had such a healthy and beautiful life was because of Dr. Josie and all of her incredible advice and talents. Thank you!!!!”

-Liz Goings

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